Rates of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Combat War Veterans

The rate of soldiers coming back from war in the Middle East with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is climbing. The healthcare system is overloaded and many veterans who are stuck wondering if they have this disease or any other chronic neurological disorders.


I have been researching consistently for eight years to find a cure for what is called Gulf War Illness, because I have been diagnosed with it. Yet I am not being progressively treated to manage my chronic pain.


I found a website that helps explain MS and other bacterial infections that are linked with exposure to biotoxins in the Middle East.



If you are a disabled veteran with multiple, if not dozens of unexplained illnesses or conditions, check out the website and ask your doctor about the treatment.


Please feel free to respond to my blog if you have any questions.

Social Security Disability Benefits

In early 2008 I was about to give up on my six year battle for Social Security Disability benefits. (SSDI) I was denied five times, though I had significant proof that I was 100% disabled, I did not have money for a lawyer to fight my case.


After all hope was gone, a good friend got me in touch with a local veteran’s organization that was helping Desert Storm veterans with their claims. During my meeting with the Veteran of Modern Warfare my representative informed me of a new federal law passed in 2008 stating; If one branch of government is compensating a person for a physical disability, any other branch of government cannot deny benefits to that person for that disability.


I sent a letter to my local social security office informing them of this law and I hoped they would abide by it. Since I was deemed disabled by the VA, Social Security had to give me disability benefits as well. It only took about four weeks for me to be approved 100% disability from Social Security.


If you are a service connected disabled veteran, and are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, I strongly urge contacting your local office to file for benefits.


Please feel free to reply to this posting with any comments or questions.

Vocational Rehab Program

Militaryconnection.com is a great site for veterans to find jobs after they leave the military. However, some people need help transitioning to the civilian workforce. Whether it is due to a physical impairment or from PTSD, veterans have options to get them ready to move on with their lives.


The VA offers a program called Vocation Rehab which helps service-connected disabled veterans get counseling, employment services, and assistance with finding a job. They even offer On the Job Training and internships to help veterans get work experience needed to get a job.


There are many other services provided by the VA’s Vocational Rehab Program. For more information and to find the facility closest to you, go to the link provided.


Good luck. Your future is in your hands. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. Please reply to me if you have any questions.


Gulf War Advisory Committee Meetings

At last Gulf War Veterans that have suffered with various chronic illnesses are getting the opportunity to have their voices heard. The Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans will host meetings throughout the US this year to give service-connected disabled veterans a chance to comment on their healthcare and benefits. This testimony from veterans will ultimately help this committee in recommending programs and policies to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans are allotted five minutes to speak during the meeting, though they also can submit lengthier letters to the panel. Advocates of Gulf War Veterans suggest that they do both.

The Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Illness released a statement in November 2008 stating that Gulf War Illness is in fact a real disorder. Since then more and more veterans have felt confident in telling their story.

For more information about these meetings, where they will be held, and who to contact if you would like to participate, please go to;