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We are here to help those transitioning from the air force find civilian jobs they will love. A message for those leaving the Air Force: civilian employment opportunities abound if you know where to look. The good news you are already at the best place to look, because no one provides job listings and the means for a comprehensive and fruitful job search quite like Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date employment opportunities for Veterans in a variety of sectors, and to guide them toward opportunities that honor their experience, skills and interests. If you are transitioning from the military, the employment opportunity of your dreams may be waiting for you here. Start your search today. 

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More and more, employers are recognizing and capitalizing on the great many job candidates emerging from Air Force backgrounds and other backgrounds in the military. These candidates are skilled, disciplined and a great addition to any team. Take the time to view our jobs postings online, and let them be the basis for a successful job search.  

You may feel a bit of trepidation about separating from the military and re-entering civilian life. The truth is that the skills you cultivated and the growth you experienced in the Air Force will always be with you, and will serve you well in your next profession. Your Air Force job skills are a huge plus in your favor as you transition. 

You have had a great run in the Air Force. Civilian jobs that can use your skill set are all around you, beginning on this site. Search in a variety of fields including:

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