American Sentinel University: Final “Veteran School Salute” of 2014

The Post-9/11 GI Bill has become one of the most utilized Veteran benefits offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Since its implementation in 2009, more than one million Veterans have received funds for tuition, monthly housing allowance, books and supplies available through the education benefit. The VA estimates that over the next five years, at least another million Veterans will take advantage of the newest version of the GI Bill.

In order to connect Veterans students with the colleges, universities and vocational schools that have their best interests in mind, CEO Debbie Gregory commissioned the “Veteran School Salute.”

“The ‘Veteran School Salute’ introduces Veterans to those schools that are going above and beyond to provide the best education experience to Veterans and their dependents,” said Ms. Gregory.

Ms. Gregory tasked staff writer Joe Silva with identifying institutions deserving of the award. Silva has been given this assignment because he is a U.S. Navy Veteran, as well as a 2013 graduate of California State University Channel Islands. Silva’s use of the Post-9/11 GI Bill to attain his Bachelor’s degree made him the obvious choice to evaluate nominees. Through first-hand experience, Silva has seen how schools target GI Bill students and knows what programs and services are truly impactful for Veteran Students.

For the final “Veteran School Salute” of 2014, Silva has selected American Sentinel University. Silva recently wrote an article about retired Air Force Veteran Steve Hicks, who is currently enrolled at American Sentinel University. Through the course of interviewing Hicks about his college experience, Silva was thrilled to learn about the services that American Sentinel University was providing for Hicks and other Veterans.

According to data from the VA, American Sentinel University currently has 170 GI Bill Beneficiaries enrolled in their graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs. American Sentinel University is preferred by Veterans because of their distance and online learning curriculums in various degree and vocational programs.

The school accepts Veteran and military dependent students using VA benefits, and active-duty students using Tuition Assistance (TA). The school further supports its military and Veteran students by offering no-cost evaluation of military training, prior college and previous work experience to help identify the maximum transfer credits. This is dine in order to help students graduate faster.

At American Sentinel University, potential students who are not quite sure of how their GI Bill benefits work or how the school’s admissions and enrollment procedures operate are offered assistance through every step of the process.

Founded in 2006, American Sentinel University is a young school, but already among the nation’s leaders in providing for its Veteran and military students. American Sentinel University has been recognized as premiere school every year since 2009 by two separate major military magazines’ ratings. The school also recorded a 96% in overall satisfaction on a Student Satisfaction Survey for 2014.

“Through my research and contact with the school, it seems to me that they just get it,” Silva said. “American Sentinel University isn’t trying to throw fluff at Veterans in order to get their tuition money. They are genuine in their desire to provide quality education to the military community. It appears that their Veteran and military students have figured this out. It is for these reasons that I have chosen American Sentinel University for’s ‘Veteran School Salute.’” is proud to announce American Sentinel University as a 2014 recipient of the “Veteran School Salute.” For “above and beyond” service to their military students, Military Connection salutes you!