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Air Force Acroynms The Air Force language of acronyms can be confusing for all spouses … new and experienced (not old!) alike. This listing was designed for all of you who might think a “shirt” is something to wear or “zulu” is an African tribe.
Forces Poetry This is an excellent place to find support and comfort in writing about your own experiences or reading what others have shared with the community. Whether you are or were a member of the armed forces anywhere, a relative or you just want to express yourself then this is where to do it. You do not need to have been in a war or personally lost someone, you may just wish to write about something which moves you; then write it and we will consider it for publishing on the site…
Hangar Hunnies Excellent online community for the support of military aviation communities – resource for photos, message board, links, information, and more!
Making Up With Mom Making Up With Mom: Why Mothers and Daughters Disagree About Kids, Careers and Casseroles
Picking a Store for your Wedding Gown Now that you’™re engaged your ready to jump right into the wedding gown buying process. But hold your horses. Don’™t jump so fast. Picking the right store is just as important as picking the right dress. You don’™t want the dress of your dreams to be ruined by the store owned by Attila The Hun! Job one is to get personal referrals from recent brides. Every recent bride is eager and willing to talk about her experiences buying the gown. That could narrow the field of potential shops considerably.
That Military House A complete Guide to Moving in the Military. Loaded with tips and techniques to help you during any relocation.
Tips for Spouses Miscellaneous tips for Spouses. These tips are brought to you by That Military House.