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Military education, distance military education, military spouse education, and professional military education information can be found in the Military Connection Education Directory. The GI Bill has benefits to further the education process with specific programs that you and your spouse can access.

If you are looking to further your professional military education, or are interested in distance military education while on a tour of duty, we can help. We will direct you to information on these programs and on the GI Bill you can use to fund them. If your spouse is looking for military spouse education, they will also find information on available benefits.

Each military member is entitled to a military education or professional military education. If you or your spouse are looking to further your education, we have the tools you need. The GI bill and other benefits can be accessed to find the programs that fit your requirements. From distance military education to military spouse information, we have it listed here.

Military Connection can help achieve your goal of additional military education, professional military education, and distance military education. For your spouse, we have military spouse education information as well. There are many benefits that can be attained by furthering your education. With the aid of the GI Bill and other programs available you can enhance your educational experience.

Military education information can be found here! We're the only site you need to search for distance military education, military spouse education, and professional military education information. When you need information on benefits, programs and the GI Bill for you or your spouse, click on and surf the database!