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Finance & Credit Articles

Money and finance are very important to military families. As today's economy is full of twists and turns, keeping current with information about your money and finances is imperative to maintaining your financial health. You need to have the tools to build and maintain a healthy financial history. It is important to know how to manage your money. You need to know how to build and maintain a healthy credit profile. There are tips and answers to many common financial questions in the USAA articles we feature in the Finance section. You also need to know how to keep your debt manageable, and where to go if you need financial help. At, we listen to our users. We hope to be your “go-to” website for resources and information on the subjects that are important to you. This is why we research information and articles about money and finance. In addition to information regarding money and finance, we feature news releases, special events, conferences and reunions of all types for many military groups and organizations. is your one stop resource center.

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10/27/2011 HTMLExchange Credit Card Fees Impact Entire Military Community
1/20/2011 HTMLNo. 2 bank overcharged troops on mortgages
10/29/2010 HTMLWhat is Military Forbearance?
6/23/2010 HTMLTricare CRSC Travel Pay
6/17/2010 HTMLFederal Tax Law Changes
4/26/2010 HTMLTax Guidance to Troops
6/1/2009 HTMLNew Research Shows Women Vets Earn More Than Nonvets
6/1/2009 HTMLWhat To Do If Your Bank Fails
6/1/2009 HTMLTwelve tips for online borrowing
6/1/2009 HTMLGetting Through Tough Economic Times: A How-To Guide
6/1/2009 HTMLTax Tips for Last-Minute Filers
6/1/2009 HTMLTake charge of your retirement
6/1/2009 HTMLUtilizing VA Resources to Refinance a Subprime Loan
6/1/2009 HTMLService Members Receive Financial Support from House for Extended Stop-Loss Orders
6/1/2009 HTMLRota Sailors Learn Starting Early Pays Biggest Dividends
6/1/2009 HTMLSpecialists Armed to Help Shipmates Face Financial Challenges
6/1/2009 HTMLSBA Patriot Express Loan initiative delivers $150M to vets and military community
6/1/2009 HTMLSBA's Patriot Express Loan Initiative Over $100 Million and Counting
6/1/2009 HTMLRisk-based pricing
6/1/2009 HTML‘Readiness Challenge’ Events to Help Families Manage Finances
6/1/2009 HTML3 Tips for Protecting Young Children From Economic Woes
6/1/2009 HTMLA pre-deployment checklist for military families
6/1/2009 HTMLMoney saving tips and tricks for your next vacation
6/1/2009 HTMLMilitary Loans: Catering to Those Who Care
6/1/2009 HTML8 Tips for Making Military Housing Feel Like Home
6/1/2009 HTMLMilitary Financial Road Show Heads to Washington State
6/1/2009 HTMLCuring the holiday debt hangover
6/1/2009 HTMLIRS Launches Summer Push to Reach Retirees and Disabled Veterans Who Have Yet to File for Their Economic Stimulus Payments
6/1/2009 HTMLLexington Law Firm Helps the Military Improve Their Credit
6/1/2009 HTMLThe importance of debt prioritization
6/1/2009 HTMLGone phishing: A bit of prevention, a byte of cure
6/1/2009 HTMLThe financial institution of the future
6/1/2009 HTMLFinancial education: Information and execution are vital
6/1/2009 HTMLFinancial Education
6/1/2009 HTMLFinancial advice for a successful military career
6/1/2009 HTMLThe Fair Credit Reporting Act and Your Legal Rights
6/1/2009 HTMLDepartment of Defense to Pay for Moves Caused By Landlord Foreclosures
6/1/2009 HTMLMilitary Families Feel the Pressure as Debt Crisis Worsens
6/1/2009 HTMLCan you make a million dollars in the military?
6/1/2009 HTMLPresident Signs Tax Bill for Military Service Members
6/1/2009 HTMLBudgeting for your Baby
6/1/2009 HTMLForeclosures Keep Military Families Seeking Help
6/1/2009 HTMLAlternatives to payday loans for the military
6/1/2009 HTMLCorporate Social Responsibility: A Strategy for Success
6/1/2009 HTMLCommentary: Five guiding rules for your financial well-being

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