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Courage to Call

(877) MyUSVet, (877) 698-7838

Program Overview

Courage to Call is a new Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) program in San Diego County providing services to those who have served in the Military, Reserves or Guard, and their Families & Loved Ones.

  • Our 24/7 Helpline is entirely staffed by veterans who have recently served in the military who:
    • have a first hand understanding of the current rigors of the military & military family life, and transitioning off active duty.
    • help individuals find mental health information, support, access, and/or referrals throughout the County of San Diego.
    • link individuals and families to prevention-oriented services and other mental health resources to
    • help minimize further challenges

For Helpline information & support, call (877) MyUSVet, (877) 698-7838

  • Our Peer Outreach & Family Support Staff are veterans and military family members who:
    • provide outreach services to Veterans, Active Duty Military, Military Reservists, National Guards, Coast Guards, and their Families.
    • help participants access appropriate mental health services that offer preventive mental health interventions, and refer them as needed.
    • train community providers & organizations to help them understand the military & military family culture, and their unique mental health issues and needs.
    • liaison with the San Diego County Vet-Fam Forum, community leaders & organizations to build and maintain linkages to needed resources and services.

For information about Courage to Call or to arrange for our outreach team to meet with your organization, members, or clientele, call (877) 698-7838.

Funded by the County of San Diego Mental Health Services