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The Next Generation of VA Healthcare Workers

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a dynamic place to work. The VA is undergoing rapid expansion of its healthcare system at facilities around the country, and is in the process of hiring and training its next generation of healthcare providers and staff.

The mission of the VA is to adhere to the promise that President Abraham Lincoln made, on behalf of our nation, to its Veterans: “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan.” In fulfilling this promise, more than 6.3 million Veterans and their families utilize VA healthcare each year, at over 1,400 medical centers and outpatient clinics in all fifty states.

For every Veteran who has answered the call to serve, the VA is asking each physician, nurse, and allied health care professional to give back and honor their service with your commitment to care. The VA offers careers for physicians and nurses at all acuity levels, from primary care to subspecialties. And interdisciplinary careers with the VA offer growth opportunities for mental health and rehabilitative service providers. There are incentives for physicians and nurses who come to work for the VA, including loan repayment programs.

But the VA is not just hiring healthcare workers who are already qualified, licensed and educated; there are several programs for Veterans through the VA that offer training, education and internship opportunities at their clinics and centers.

Examples include Melissa Lebreck, an Air Force Veteran working as a Public Affairs Intern at the Southern-Nevada VA through the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program.Frank Martinez has been the EMS Supervisor for the VA’s Los Angeles Sepulveda Campus for 15 years. Martinez got his start working at the VA through its Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) program.Austin Slate was a Combat Medic in the Army National Guard, and was hired by the VA through a job fair. He is currently working as a Health Technician. Slate, an Iraq Campaign Veteran, feels that no one understands the needs of the Veterans he serves like a fellow Veteran can.

For an idea of what type of career opportunities are available, please review the testimonials offered by VA employees.

To see more about careers with the VA, be sure to research the JOBS page and